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Akra Iapygia

The Akra Iapygia Cooperative Company Ltd. was established in 2003 in the city of Lecce as a natural outcome of the professional experience acquired over the years by its founders. The company’s staff, graduates of the Università degli Studi di Lecce (now Università del Salento) and its School of Specialisation in Archaeology, have numerous years of field experience in Italy as well as abroad.

The high standards of the quality of the documentation produced and our well-qualified and reliable archaeologists in the field are both distinctive hallmarks of Akra Iapygia. Our professional expertise as well as the technologies used by Akra Iapygia enable us to meet the demands of  safeguarding artefacts and maintaining the rigorous standards set by the Archaeological Boards of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (Soprintendenze per i Beni Archeologici)  without compromising either deadline dates or the organisational dynamics involved in the non-archaeological sites.

Akra Iapygia is on the list of trusted companies for all Italian Regional Boards of Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. (Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici).
Akra Iapygia  is committed to providing a broad spectrum of services to both the public and private sectors:

  • Scientific assistance on archaeological excavation sites
  • Archaeological supervision on public works
  • Setting up museums and temporary exhibitions
  • Cataloguing archaeological artefacts to Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation standards and guidelines (ICCD- Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione)
  • Topographical surveying and mapping of the archaeological excavation sites
  • Drafting archaeological impact assessment (VIAR -- Valutazione di Impatto ARcheologico) reports and surveys
  • Creation of traditional information material (publications, information panels, etc.) and multimedia for museums and archaeological areas.