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Since 2004 Akra Iapygia has been active on some major archaeological sites abroad and collaboration and contacts with prestigious foreign institutions, which still subsist.

2004 - Akra Iapygia was awarded the commission to carry out the entire archaeological topographical surveying and mapping project for  Soknopaiou Nesos (Fayyum – Egypt), thanks to both the Egyptology Chair at the Università del Salento and to the Centre for Papyrology Studies at the same university.

2005-2006 - Akra Iapygia carried out the archaeological topographical surveying and mapping of the ancient Egyptian cities of Trimithis and Ain al Gadida (Dakhla Oasis, Egypt), on Columbia University of New York’s account.

2006 – Began collaborating on  an ongoing project with the National Museum of History and Archaeology of  Constanta on land surveys of the Byzantine site of Basarabi (Romania).