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Akra Iapygia is a young but well established company that has worked in the field of cultural heritage in Italy since 2003. Based in Salento in south-eastern Italy, we have operated mainly on archaeological digs in this area as well as on construction sites and infrastructure projects, managing numerous aspects of preventive archaeology commissioned by private clients and in agreement with  the Regional Board (Soprintendenza).
Akra Iapygia’s archaeologists have worked on the main Salentine Messapian, Roman and medioeval centres (Lecce, Manduria, Nardò, Vereto, Ugento, Montesardo, and Alezio).
Since 2008 we have been collaborating with the Chair of Magna Graecia Archaeology at the University of Florence (Prof. Lucia Lepore) on topographical surveying and mapping of the archaeological excavation sites of Caulonia and Locri in Calabria.