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About Us

Akra Iapygia was founded in Lecce on 6 March 2003. Establishing a company for archaeological services was not only a natural outcome for its founders as they had extensive archaeological experience, but it was also a challenge to be met with enthusiasm and high standards as they had honed their professional expertise during their years at the Università degli Studi di Lecce, both at graduate and undergraduate levels.

From the start, Akra Iapygia’s goal has been to provide a greater number of solutions to the inevitable conflicts that may arise between the need to develop and the need to protect archaeological heritage.

Akra Iapygia is regularly commissioned by the Regional Boards of Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, universities, Italian as well as international agencies and private industry to carry out archaeological excavations and landscape and archaeological surveys, to draft archaeological impact assessment reports and surveys as preventive consultancy on public works, and to develop cultural assets (cataloguing as well as setting up museums and exhibitions).
Akra Iapygia is fully resourced to provide services such as archaeological consultancy and documentation thanks to well-qualified, in-house archaeologists, the necessary technical equipment, a deep knowledge of the subject and the relevant research and documentation issues and techniques needed to conduct in situ inquiries as well as studies of the territories that bear witness to the past.

In addition, Akra Iapygia has a long-standing business relationship based on trust with both the Apulian and the Calabrian Regional Boards of Archaeological Heritage as well as with the University of Florence.  Akra Iapygia is accredited with the latter and has conducted a series of excavations, research programmes and studies with the purpose of establishing museums and publishing the results. Our graphic, topographic and archaeological survey and mapping, photographic and textual documentation is known for its quality, accuracy and thoroughness.
We have also developed a solid experience on infrastructure worksites where numerous risk studies have been carried out, recuperating archaeological data from complex layers dating back hundreds and hundreds of years from urban centres without disrupting daily life or compromising methodological rigor, yet still meeting deadlines and establishing a special rapport with local authorities and the Regional Boards of Archaeological Heritage.

We also excel in creating education services in archaeological parks and sites to popularize data with sound scientific foundations since Akra Iapygia can count on an agency which boasts advanced graphics and video-editing to produce information panels, brochures and multilingual guides as well as multimedia products and videos, 3-D reconstructions and web designers which enable a wide and diverse range of users to explore a vast and fascinating selection of archaeological data.
Furthermore, for years we have been collaborating with international bodies to carry out research and documentation campaigns abroad (Egypt and Romania).

Akra Iapygia has recently organised a team of well-qualified consultants to design and assess the feasibility of projects aimed at tapping into European funding.

Lastly, we produce our own publications in various languages at Akra Iapygia, which not only boast high quality graphics and rigorous scientific content, but are also designed for readers ranging from the specialist to the popular science enthusiast.


Company Structure:

Valentino Desantis (Managing Director)

Fabio Congedo

Giovanni Desantis