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Archaeological excavations


Akra Iapygia was established as a cooperative company ltd. by a team of specialised archaeologists committed to applying the methods and expertise learned not only at university, but also after their studies and activities as professionals. Over the years, Akra Iapygia has carried out excavations in some of the most important Messapian centres in Salento.

The most noteworthy are the excavations carried out at the site of the ancient city of Vereto (Patù, Lecce), in Raggi near the town of Alezio (Lecce), and the excavation sites in the Archaeological Park of the Messapian Walls in Manduria (Taranto).

Akra Iapygia is committed to providing our clients not only with the necessary specialized staff, but also with ongoing land surveying support. Our field archaeologists are known for their quality, expertise and scientific rigor and have contributed to making Akra Iapygia a company trusted by the Archaeological Boards of the Ministry Cultural Heritage and Activities (especially of Puglia).